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A Few Tips on How to Sell Your Antique Jewelry

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These tips will take some of the confusion out of selling antique jewelry and getting the best price possible.

Selling antique jewelry can be a bit intimidating for those who have never done it before. While it is a challenging task to ensure the seller is getting the best price possible for their items, there are ways to alleviate stress from the overall process. Here are a few tips to help you sell your antique jewelry without the headache.

1. Establish the medium you want to sell.
Selling your antique jewelry on an online platform allows you as the seller to market your item to a larger audience. If you are looking to sell your item as quickly as possible, this is a great avenue to venture down but if you want a more personal interaction, a visit with a reputable jewelry dealer may be your best option.

2. Remove all emotional ties from the jewelry.
Emotion can sometimes hinder the ability to sell an item because the emotional attachment is sometimes greater than the true value of the item in question. This attachment, unfortunately, can lead the seller to believe the item is valued more than it really is, or can cause the seller to become apprehensive to complete the transaction. When getting ready to sell, be sure you are 100% ready to part with your antique jewelry.

3. Be objective about the state of the item you are trying to sell.
Is the item not in the best possible condition and shows a bit of wear? Then it may be wise to place yourself in the shoes of the buyer and lower your price a bit. Yes, you want the best possible price for the jewelry you are trying to sell but you also want to be known as a seller with integrity.

4. If you are 100% confident the item is valuable, it may be best to seek an appraisal before selling.
Many jewelry dealers offer free appraisals for individuals looking to sell their items. Once you receive the appraisal, you can move forward with completing a transaction with them or sell your item private party.

Bellevue Rare Coins offers free appraisals at all four of their Greater Seattle Area locations. For more information on selling your antique jewelry, visit our website to learn about our hours of operation and schedule an appointment that fits your schedule.

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