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Tips to Obtaining Your Goals

4 Tips to Help You Reach Your Goals
1. Make sure the goal is realistic and specific enough for you to measure your progress. For instance, getting out of debt is not specific; however, paying an additional $100 to your credit card every month so it will be paid in full by the end of the year is specific.

2. Tell a family member or friend who will hold you accountable. It's easier to stay on track when we have to answer to someone else. Even better--make sure it is someone with great financial fitness themselves so you'll have someone to emulate.

3. Plan to celebrate your success. Maybe it's a dinner out when you achieve your goal. You need something to look forward to; just make sure it's an affordable celebration.

4. And, most important of all WRITE IT DOWN. Keep a copy of your goal on your refrigerator or anywhere that you will be constantly reminded of what you want to accomplish.

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