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Paying for Your Big Purchases

Be Frugal, But Not Cheap
A common mistake many of us make is shopping for price alone and looking for the cheapest item. When you shop frugally, you are getting more for your money. But, when you shop cheaply, you are most likely buying something that will wear out easily and need to be replaced sooner.

Plan Before the Failure
A roof that has already started to leak will not only damage your home but you will also feel preasured to go with the first contractor you speak with which may or may not be the best option. Plan ahead for your major purchases and consider replacing them when they are at the end of their useful life but before they fail. Not only will you dodge a bad experience but you will also be afforded the time to research the products and contractors to ensure you are getting the best value.

Work in Numbers
For purchases such as a new roof, see if you have other neighbors who also may be interested. If you get together many contractors may consider offering you additional discounts.

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