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Check Out the Savings at Your Local Library

Entertainment during these cold, dark winter months usually involves staying indoors, but it does not have to include a bucket of popcorn and a movie ticket. Your local public library is an excellent free resource for year-round enjoyment, offering much more than endless shelves of dusty books.

Watch: Choose from a wide range of DVDs including new releases, timeless classics, and your favorite TV series. Similar to many streaming programs that cost money, you can have a queue of DVD's lined up on hold to get you through the season at no cost.

Read: Beyond traditional books, reading has gone digital. Libraries now offers thousands of titles available for download that can be accessed on PCs, laptops, tablets, and even smart phones. Finding time to finish a book becomes much easier when it is readily available in digital format; diffuse impatience by reading as you wait in long shopping lines this holiday season.

See and Do: There is something for everyone at the library. Interactive story-telling, often complete with music and character voices is available for the kids. Adults on the other hand can check out readings from some of their favorite authors and participate in book clubs with fellow literature enthusiasts.

Learn: Many libraries offer classes to stimulate the mind, and resources to better understand the evolving workforce and community. Current classes being provided at the Seattle Public Library include: job-interview classes, understanding the new healthcare plan, natural disaster prevention, and technology basics. Some classes may require registration and a small fee, so be sure to check in advance.

Improve your financial literacy at the local library with BECU. As a not-for-profit Credit Union, BECU offers free financial education classes to both members and non-members all over the Puget Sound. To sign up for a seminar near you, register online.

Find out how to become a library member and take advantage of all your local public library has to offer.

Seattle area Seattle Public Library and King County Library.
North Puget Sound area Snohomish and Island Counties and Everett Public Library.

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