Select Carpet Cleaning:{} We Clean Green.{} When we clean your floors, our concern is for you and the environment in which you live!!{} Our products are biodegradable and non toxic to humans, pets or aquatic life.{} We use powerful pre-sprays for carpet that are formulated to attack stains and odors.{} Different stains require different formulas.{} For oil based stains we use a citrus based formula.{} Organic stains require an oxygen mixture; for coffee and urine stains we use natural enzymes to remove both stains and pet odors.{} To complete the process, our equipment uses self contained hot water that helps break up the stains and soil.{} Using a powerful suction devise it literally lifts the stains and soil out of the carpet and into the unit!!

On tile, grout and aggregate oxygen works superbly for mold, mildew and years worth of greasy buildup.{} We pre-spray the floor and let it set for approximately 15 minutes.{} As we wait we agitate with a grout brush.{} We then clean with tools such as the SX-12.{} The secret to this tool is the unique rotary arm that spins inside its housing creating a powerful ability to blast away soil.{} The equipment glides easily and smoothly across your floor in front-to-back motions using self contained hot water that minimizes spray leaving the tile and grout virtually dry.{} For those hard to reach areas, we use a special hand tool to complete the job.{}

Whatever the project, let Select Carpet Cleaning do the tough work for you!{}