Duck captain relives driving Seahawks' Lynch during parade

SEATTLE - Tom Van Gorder is the lucky Duck captain who drove running back Marshawn Lynch's Duck during the victory parade through Downtown Seattle.

"Marshawn Lynch seriously was one of the most humble guys I've ever met," says Van Gorder. "He was super nice. He was easy-going. And he was absolutely blown away with the support of his fans, and all the people that came out to see him. He kept on turning around and laughing and smiling. And saying 'This is unbelievable! Unbelievable!'"

Marshawn gave Van Gorder a very special item: the giant, half-full bag of Skittles that Lynch was holding during the parade.

"There were so many Skittles in the horn, the horn actually went out," Van Gorder says. "So many Skittles had slipped onto the engine, they were melting and generating a sweet smell that wafted everywhere."

Lynch's ride on the hood seemed unplanned, unsanctioned, and spontaneous. As vehicles were lining up to start the parade, Van Gorder says he looked over, "and there he was. The man. The Beast Mode."

The Duck captain is still beaming following the parade and says, "It was one of the most amazing mornings."