Google, Facebook computers decide user's highlights of 2013

SEATTLE -- If you've been coming up with excuses to stop you from crafting a well-written and personal year-in-review letter to send to family and friends, now you can let the computers geniuses at Google Plus and Facebook do it for you.

The two competing social media networks are offering its users to ability to come up with a year-in-review without any effort other than a click of a mouse.

Google Plus decides what your most sharable moments were and creates a one minute Ken Burns-esque style music video using pictures and videos posted on user's account.

Google uses its "auto awesome" movie tool to create the video which can be shared and made public to the world.

Facebook on the other hand, uses its own set of algorithms to determine the user's top 20 moments of 2013 based on popular posts, likes, shares and photo tagging.

Users need to log into Facebook from their browser and then go to to see the 20 highlights Facebook though were important.

Google Plus users need to log into their account and they type "#year2013" into the G+ search bar and view their 2013 year-in-review movie.

Remember, essentially, a math equation decided what was important or not in your life. If you watch yours and it hits all the highlights correctly, that's a scarier story for another day.