Watch: Man steals adult-store mannequin, returns for 'her' sexy lingerie

SILVERDALE, Wash. -- A Bainbridge Island man is in jail for allegedly shoplifting a mannequin from an "adult entertainment" store and then coming back later the same night to steal sex toys and lingerie.

Lovers, formerly known as Lovers Package, claims to enhance people-to-people relationships, but one shoplifter wasn't interested in real people.

Instead, he wanted one of the store's sexy mannequins.

"He basically just ran into one of the doors, tried to grab an entire mannequin and run off with it. Well, as he grabbed it the bottom half of the mannequin fell off. So he got the top half out the door with him and off he went," said Martin Walker, the store's marketing director.

Customers couldn't believe it when they heard about the brazen theft.

"That's pretty stupid," said customer Jessica Harris. "Why would you steal a mannequin? Go get the real thing. I guess he couldn't get the real thing."

But sheriff's deputies say the suspect, identified as 24-year-old Arthur Ray Brown, wasn't done yet. They say he came back later that night after the store closed.

Wearing the wig he had taken from the mannequin, Brown allegedly smashed in the store's front window and stole some sex toys and lingerie.

Deputies arrived on scene moments later and found Brown riding his bike not far from the store. They say he'd left a trail of sex toys behind him.

Brown was arrested in connection with the burglary and is being held on $15,000 bail.

Lovers, which is based in Auburn, has 23 stores in Washington and Oregon, and Walker said the mannequins are simply there as props.

"Every once in a while we get people who come in and they kind of ask questions about the mannequin," he said. "But it's pretty strange that someone would go through that much trouble just to get their hands on one"

Brown reportedly cut his arm during the break in, but no one else was injured.

Walker said the mannequins sell for around $600.