Vermont company debuts 'selfie toaster'

How about a slice of selfie toast for breakfast? Followed by company logo branded toast at the office for brunch?

The Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation have launched a toaster allowing customers to fix burnt impressions of their photos to create personalized toast.

President Galen Dively was inspired to start Vermont Novelty Toasters by a Hello Kitty themed toaster he bought one for a gift.

The selfie toaster idea came about during an experiment with his new CNC plasma cutter. He bought it to do logos and new designs. When it arrived he tried making a plate with his son's photo. It worked great and an idea was born.

Orders on their website have sprung up like the proverbial grilled bread. All work is done at the company's Vermont warehouse and staff are constantly perfecting the process of transforming art and photographs into their CAD program for use with the CNC plasma cutter - allowing not only small order personalized toasters but the freedom to expand their stock images available for purchase.

Founded in a barn off a dirt road in North Danville Vermont, the company are now relocated at a warehouse in Saint Johnsbury, Vermont. The toasters range from around $40 to $75.

And the president's recommendation for the best way to enjoy selfie toast? With REAL butter! With Bacon Lettuce and Tomatoes.