So close you can taste it: Twinkies return Monday

An American road-trip standard is just days away from returning to the shelves of gas stations and convenience stores across the country. Branded as "the Sweetest Comeback in History," the rebirth of the Twinkie is officially just days away.

Twinkies disappeared from stores after cash-strapped Hostess declared bankruptcy and was purchased by a joint investment group. Now, with a retooled recipe, which will yield a longer shelf life, and plenty of social media buzz, the iconic snack (and its sister products like CupCakes and Donettes) is poised to make its grand resurgence.

Hostess's website currently features a countdown to the return.

In addition to the new, longer shelf-life, Hostess has also said that they are experimenting with other recipe tweaks. To remain relevent in an increasingly health-conscious world, low-sodium, sugar-free and gluten-free formulas are also being tested, the AP reported a last week.