Police: Man upset that someone keeps mailing pot to his house

SEATTLE -- It's a problem many stoners would love to have: A Seattle man says someone keeps mailing packages of marijuana to his house.

The Mount Baker resident said he first received a mysterious package a month ago marked "return to sender, insufficient postage." The man's home was listed as the return address, so he opened the box and found an unknown quantity of marijuana inside.

The man wasn't sure where the package came from, but he didn't want it and decided to throw it in the garbage. That might have been the end of the story, but on Monday the man once again received a mysterious package in the mail.

This time the man took the box to police. Officers opened the package, which was addressed to a business in Georgia, and found roughly half an ounce of pot inside. They sent it to the Evidence Unit for destruction, according to police.

Police are now using the story to remind residents that just because they can legally possess small amounts of recreational marijuana, they cannot send it using the federally-run mail system.