Photos: Florida man stumps neighbors by covering home in aluminum foil

TARPON SPRINGS, Fla. - At first glance you may well think that the owner of this house has been pranked. In fact this is the work of Polish artist and Tarpon Springs resident Piotr Janowski who recently covered his home, including the concrete driveway and the surrounding palm trees, in sheets of aluminum foil.

The project, entitled "402 Ashland Ave", is intended to make people think in uncommon ways about common goods.

In a statement to ABC, Janowski explained how most passers-by rarely identified the installation as art. "It was almost always assumed to have a practical value, such as a new form of insulation, pest control, or fire retardant. The act of covering the facade of a house (along with the palm trees and sculpture installation) introduced something uncommon and unexpected into the neighborhood environment, and hopefully offered a new perspective on what had been commonplace."

Some of Janowski's neighbors are reportedly upset about the foil fiasco, the Tampa Bay Times reports, while others are just dumb-founded. "To each his own," said one neighbor. Although Janowski's neighbors may be taken aback by his foil masterpiece, the local wildlife seems to be getting along just fine, as evidenced by this family of red-bellied woodpeckers who seem to be flourishing in one of the foil-covered trees.

Curiously, Janowski doesn't own the house he's working on. It's a rental, which he moved into in December after moving from Vienna. His landlord and city officials are aware of the foil project, but everyone is baffled about what, if anything, to do about it, as it doesn't appear to violate any laws or ordinances. He says the foil will come down in about a month, and he's looking into doing similar projects with museums, if anyone will have him.