Money fairy? $100 bills show up in Ore. customers' groceries

      SALEM, Ore. - There's a mysterious money fairy in Salem.

      People are finding $100 tucked in their groceries. At the Fred Meyer store on Southeast Commercial Street, managers said at least 12 customers over the past few weeks have found $100 bills in their purchases or tucked away somewhere in the store.

      And this mystery is a tough one to solve. There hasn't been one specific location, specific product or specific time of day where the cash is showing up.

      The same thing is happening at Wal-Mart. One customer found two $100 bills tucked inside boxes of cookies. A customer only identified as Phil said he thought it was a joke at first, but then determined the bills were real.

      It "comes at a good time. My girlfriend is in the hospital in Portland at OHSU, so I'm having to drive back and forth every day," Phil said. "Money is tight -- $20 a day in gas - so it really comes at a time when we needed it."

      Back at the Fred Meyer, customer Desiree Pech said her husband was thrilled to find a $100 bill hidden under the lid of his Hershey's chocolate syrup can.

      "We got blessed, so we're one of the lucky people," she said.

      In a strange coincidence, someone won $25,000 in the Oregon Lottery at the Salem Fred Meyer earlier this month.

      Perhaps they're paying it forward? That's just a guess.



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