Married for 12 years, divorced for 12 years, re-married on 12-12-12

EUGENE, Ore. - Standing in line at the Lane County Courthouse to get a marriage license, the groom had a simple answer as to why this day.

"It's just a special day - 12-12 of 12," Roger Haxby said. "It's never going to happen again."

Some things do happen again, however - like love.

"We actually have a little bit longer story," said Teresa Bainter-Haxby, the bride-to-be.

"We were married before for 12 years, and then we were divorced for 12 years," she said. "It took us this long to get everything figured out, so 12-12-12 has a special meaning."

Surrounded by friends and family, the couple exchanged their wedding vows in the Lane County Courthouse - just before 12 noon.