Local and national celebrity cats join forces in a new video

PNW celebrity cats Oskar the Blind Cat and his best friend Klaus appear in a new music video with Grumpy Cat (of national fame), to raise money and meals for cats in need around the country, courtesy of Friskies.

Oskar the Blind Cat gained YouTube fame when his owners Mick and Bethany, of Seattle, uploaded a video of him playing with a stream of air from a hairdryer in 2011. Since then, people have been following his, and his best friend Klaus', antics through Mick and Bethany's videos.

Oskar was born with a severe form of microphthalmia, which caused his eyes to never fully develop. Based on his Facebook page and subsequent videos - Oskar seems to be living a pretty happy life nonetheless.

For every view the music video gets, Friskies is donating one meal to cats in need across the country, up to one million meals.