Has anyone died in your house? There's a website for that

SEATTLE -- Have you ever wondered if someone has died inside your house? If you have, you're in luck. There's a website for that.

It's called Died in House. Roy Condrey developed the website in South Carolina after a tenant of his complained that his property was haunted.

Condrey said his online search to find out if anyone had died came up a bit short.

The website is now the first "one-stop shopping" service of it's kind. Anyone can log on and find out if someone has died, been killed or even committed suicide at any real home address.

The website uses an algorithm to search 188 million public records, but it will cost you. Customers pay $11.99 for a single report that answers questions like: Has someone ever died at this address? Who? When? What was the cause of death? It also lists the names of people associated with the house who are alive.

Happy searching.