Do you know Sam?

SEATTLE -- A Canadian man got a rude welcome to the Emerald City Tuesday when a group of destructive May Day protestors smashed his car windows out.

The man, who is known only as Sam, was parked on Sixth Avenue near Niketown when Tuesday's violence erupted.

"My family came down for a holiday, welcome to the States!" he said. "They (protestors) were just going to town on (Niketown windows) and they (nearby cops) weren't doing anything."

To add insult to injury, Sam said even the non-violent protestors were rude, mocking him and taking photos of his damaged car.

"I don't know why people want pictures of my car. I don't know why they have to mouth off to me and tell me to go back to Canada, you hoser," he said. "This is a real welcome to Seattle."

Not wanting Sam's opinion of Seattle to be tainted by Tuesday's mayhem, the folks at Seattle's Convention and Visitors Bureau want to show him and his family how wonderful Seattle can be for tourists. The organization has generously offered to bring him back to the city on their dime.

The only problem is that nobody knows who he is. When he was interviewed on Tuesday, Sam declined to give his last name. We know that he lives in Vancouver, BC, but the rest is a mystery.

Sam's ordeal struck a chord with many KOMO viewers, and some have called and emailed asking how they can help him. His experience even spawned a #FINDSAM hashtag on Twitter.

News agencies across the border have also taken up the search for Sam, and Vancouver's Global News has uncovered a few clues.

After viewing a photo of his damaged vehicle, the website was able to determine that Sam's black Hyundai SUV was likely purchased at Jim Pattinson Hyundai in the Lower Mainland and in Nanaimo.

If anyone knows Sam, please contact KOMO News at