And the most annoying word of the year is...

Americans voted, and they're most annoyed by people who drop "whatevers" every couple of sentences.

Almost as bad? The folks who add "likes" as verbal fillers every few words, not to mention "you knows."

Rounding out the top five phrases you shouldn't use unless you're a time-traveling "Clueless" cast member or a "Jersey Shore" regular: "Seriously" and "just sayin'."

The Marist Poll surveyed1,026 adults in November and asked which of those phrases irked them most. Researchers report 38 percent hate "whatever" most, and 20 percent said "like" is the worst.

That's the same first and second choices as last year, but 2010?s third-most-annoying phrase was "you know what I mean."

Researchers broke their findings down by region, revealing that the WestCcoast's opinions are in line with the national average. is a media partner of KOMO News.