$38 later, Enumclaw man orders most expensive fast food burger ever

ENUMCLAW, Wash. -- It's a record steeped in a whole lot of beef, bacon... and calories: An Enumclaw man says he's created the most expensive hamburger ever ordered from a fast food chain.

Beau Chevassus was thinking outside the box on a trip to his local Jack in the Box to give his wallet -- and his stomach -- a workout.

"This has to be a real, stackable burger," Chevassus said on his video documenting his quest. "We're not just going to get a bunch of random ingredients and throw them into a bucket -- that's not a hamburger!"

He then drove up to the drive thru and ordered a hamburger... with 20 extra patties to start.

"I made sure it was the exact same burger, not 20 separate burgers," Cevassus said. "And (the drive thru employee) said, 'We can do that!' "

But this burger became a behemoth -- a leaning tower of 36 toppings!

"...Chicken and spicy chicken on that, 2 fried eggs and ham - extra ham, absolutely - and sausage as well," Cevassus rattled off on his order. "Onions, grilled onions, onion rings, if you can fit that on there..."

A few minutes, and more than $38 later, Chevassus had what he fondly calls "the Kracken."

"They actually had to hand it to me horizontally to fit it into the vehicle," Chevassus said.

Chevassus estimates his creation had about 9,000 calories but don't worry: he didn't eat it in one sitting.

This isn't the first time he's pulled off a wildly expensive order at the drive thru. In February, he created a $47 Starbucks drink!

Now that's he got a burger more than a foot long, there's no telling what he'll attempt next.

This burger, by the way, did not come with a side of Pepto Bismol.

Chevassus says he did his mammoth order without first contacting Jack in the Box, but says the fast food chain loved the video so much, they posted it on their fan page.