WWII vet kills would-be burglar with single shot

VERONA, Kentucky -- In World War II, Earl Jones defended his country. On Monday night the 92-year-old veteran had to defend his own home.

"I heard 'tack, tack' down in the basement," said Jones, whose farm has been the target of multiple burglaries. "I said 'somebody's down there,' so I got my gun. I was sitting right here and I heard him on the steps."

Jones waited with his .22-caliber rifle until the intruders were just on the other side of his basement door.

"He kicked the door and as soon as he got inside it was all over," Jones said.

Jones fired a single round and hit 24-year-old Lloyd Maxwell in the chest. Police say Maxwell was carried off by two other intruders. They put him in a car and took off, stopping down a country road to call 911.

Kirk Schneider lives along the road and said he saw the group near his neighbor's yard after they stopped.

"My neighbor was checking on the other kid in the car that I guess got shot. He took his pulse and said he's dead," Schneider said.

Prosecutors say Jones will not face charges in Maxwell's death. The other men involved in the break-in have been charged with burglary and tampering with evidence.