Coast Guard rescues 4 from grounded crab boat

LONG BEACH, Wash. (AP) - Four people and a dog have been rescued from a 61-foot crab boat that ran aground on the southwest Washington coast and crews are working to pump an estimated 1,200 gallons of fuel off the vessel.

The Coast Guard responded early Friday to the Genesis A after the Warrenton, Ore., boat got stuck on a sand bar at the entrance to Willapa Bay.

Washington fish and wildlife officials closed a mile-long section at the northwest end of the Long Beach Peninsula to keep razor clam diggers away from the vessel. The state says 90 percent of the beach remains open for a three-day clam dig.

The state Ecology Department, the Coast Guard and a cleanup contractor are working to pump as much fuel as possible off the boat. Officials say the boat is leaking diesel fuel and hydraulic oil. There's no immediate estimate of how much has leaked.

The boat owner is trying to recover his crab catch from the hold.