'You're homeless; I'm going to beat your (expletive)'

SEATTLE -- A homeless man sleeping in a church doorway was the victim of an apparently random attack early last Friday in the U-District, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to the police report for the incident, the victim told officers he was sleeping in the 4100 block of University Way Northeast when three men started getting into a car parked across the street around 3 a.m.

One of the men walked up to the victim and said, "You're homeless; I'm going to beat your [expletive]," according to the report.

The victim told officers the man then shattered an empty bottle of alcohol on the ground, picked up a stick and hit him four times in the face.

According to the report, the other two men pulled the attacker off the victim. The three men then got into the car across the street and drove off.