WSP increases DUI patrols for holiday weekend

SEATTLE - DUI patrols are out in full force this holiday weekend to catch impaired drivers.

In a press release, the Washington State Patrol says a study "showed that in the last five years there is an average of 120 calls to 911 reporting poor driving and about 25 collisions during the four days surrounding St. Patrick's Day."

Troopers have already made a few arrests Friday night, and urge party goers to arrange a safe way to get home before they start drinking.

"Plan ahead," Washington State Patrol's Mark Francis said. "Don't make choices after you've been drinking, because you're going to make poor choices."

The Washington State Patrol plans to focus on areas with a history of DUI problems - I-5 from State Route 518 in Tukwila to State Route 512 in Lakewood.

This year is a little different because we have less bodies to do that so we've got to continue to be data driven and work smarter.

A first DUI offense can cost around $10,000 in bail, fines and legal fees.