Wounded swan recovering after blast from shotgun

EVERETT, Wash. - A female trumpeter swan is being treated at a Snohomish County wildlife center after it was found wandering in a store parking lot with buckshot wounds from a shotgun blast.

Passers-by called the Sarvey Wildlife Care Center in Arlington on Thursday morning after seeing the injured swan walking outside the pharmacy drive-thru at a Fred Meyers store in Silver Lake. The callers said the large bird was bleeding and appeared to be in distress.

Sarvey staff members went to the store and brought the swan back to the wildlife center.

An examination found buckshot embedded in the swan's chest muscles. Treatment was begun and it's possible the bird could require surgery, a Sarvey spokesperson said.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call the state Department of Fish and Wildlife at 425-775-1311.