Part of Highway 99 tunnel project halted after worker fell from scaffold

Still photo from WSDOT time-lapse of SR 99 Tunnel South Portal Monday, Aug. 7, 2017. (Photo: WSDOT)

SEATTLE - Work has stopped on part of the Highway 99 Tunnel project after a worker fell 15 feet from a scaffold over the weekend, according to Seattle Tunnel Partners (STP).

It happened early Saturday in the south portal of the tunnel.

STP said the worker was on a scaffold which tipped over, causing him to fall. Fellow workers followed safety protocols and administered first aid and called 911.

Seattle Fire arrived on site and took the worker to Harborview Medical Center for an evaluation and treatment. No word yet on the worker's condition.

In a statement to KOMO News on Monday, STP said it, "takes all safety incidents very seriously and is working to determine the cause of the incident, as well as corrective actions to be implemented to prevent similar incidents in the future."

The contractor said work has temporarily stopped in that section of the tunnel project while they investigate. Work in other parts of the project will continue.

The State Department of Transportation said STP notified them and the state's Department of Labor & Industries of the accident.

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