Work continues on landslide on Index road

INDEX, Wash. - The Snohomish County sheriff's office says workers continue to remove debris from a mudslide that blocked a road near Index Tuesday night, isolating some homes.

Spokeswoman Shari Ireton says cars are being allowed through one at a time on Mount Index River Road, so residents are no longer isolated.

There are about two dozen homes in the area, but many are vacation cabins.

The work is being handled by a homeowners association that owns the road covered by the slide.

It could take weeks to clear the entire road and shore up the hillside along the road.

Locals say about 80 of the approximately 100 full-time residents live above the landslide, with Mt. Index River Road is the only way in and out.

A supervisor at the scene said the bitterly cold weather we had last week contributed to causing the slide.

Freezing temperatures created a layer of hard soil. When we warmed up, a space developed beneath that layer and allowed the ground above it to move under its own mass.