Woodinville rescue has 2 neglected horses ready for adoption

WOODINVILLE, Wash. -- Rising from rotten conditions, two neglected, abused horses are about ready to be adopted out to a wonderful home.

Seized in Pierce County in September 2012, they're doing well today, thanks to Save A Forgotten Equine, or SAFE - a volunteer group that relies solely on donations.

Terry Phelps, a trainer with SAFE, runs Cameo, an Arabian mare through drills in the arena.

"This shows that she's relaxing," she says as she demonstrates the outcome of months of working with Cameo.

But it took months and months of training to bring Cameo this far.

"She was in a pretty difficult situation with the abuse she faced in her former home," said SAFE's executive director Bonnie Hammond.

Pierce County animal control seized Cameo and 38 other horses from deplorable conditions in September 2012 from a farm near Graham. Hammond said a number of those horses had to be put down.

SAFE committed to caring for Cameo and another young mare named Skye. They're two very green horses that needed a lot of tender loving care and training.

They found it at SAFE, where dozens of volunteers work 4 shifts a day to rehabilitate abused and neglected horses. Skye is an 8-year-old Percheron/Arabian who trainer Phelps said is now ready for adoption.

"She's going to be a good trail horse a good pleasure horse," Phelps said.

Cameo is younger and greener but just graduated with honors from 6 weeks of training.

Both Phelps and Hammond say Cameo now needs to be adopted out by someone who's ready to establish a great bond with her and keep her as a friend for life.

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