Woman says someone slipped meth in her drink at Seattle party

SEATTLE -- A Seattle woman says an unknown man slipped meth into her beer while she was at a Summer Solstice party in Fremont.

According to the Seattle Police Department's report for the incident, the victim came into the Southwest Precinct last Saturday to report the incident that occurred four months earlier.

The victim told officers she was at a party at a friend's house in the 600 block of Northwest 45th Street. She said she had been to many parties there throughout the year because he is a friend of her ex-boyfriend.

According to the report, she had been at the party for an hour and a half and was on her second beer when an unknown man in his 20s sat down next to her and started flirting with her and asking who she was at the party with.

The victim told officers she saw the man's hand leave her beer but didn't think much of it, assuming he had simply mistaken her beer for his. She said she took a drink of the beer, and the man got up and left.

According to the report, the victim noticed the man and another man watching her intently and talking, and a few minutes later she started feeling sick.

The victim left the party and walked a few blocks before collapsing and starting to vomit.

She told officers two women noticed her and sat with her for three or four hours while she vomited on the side of the road.

The victim was taken to Virginia Mason Hospital for treatment, and a urine test eventually came back positive for methamphetamine. She told officers she has never tried meth.

The victim said she has tried to get information about the man who was flirting with her from other people at the party, but they won't tell her anything about him.