Woman donates wheelchair to Vancouver man: 'It opens up my life again'

VANCOUVER, Wash. - A Vancouver man whose power wheelchair was stolen from his garage has a new way to get around, thanks to a generous KATU viewer.

Chris Cash, 37, has cerebral palsy. His wheelchair was stolen from his garage on Saturday. He said he had no way to buy a new one and the chair was not insured.

Since the original story aired Sunday night, seven people contacted KATU wanting to donate a wheelchair to Cash.

Charlotte Kegley of Woodland, Wash. was watching Sunday night. Her husband used a Quantum Q6 chair until he passed away one year ago.

"He was 76 years old, had Alzheimer's, had been sick for a long time," said Kegley. "He basically just passed. It was time for him to go. His body gave up."

Kegley said her husband only used the chair for a few months. She wasn't sure what to do with it until she saw Cash's story on Sunday.

"I'm feeling tears of joy, tears of peace, and happiness that somebody who truly needs this will get what he really needs," said Kegley.

Cash was overjoyed to receive his new chair.

"It opens up my life again," said Cash. "I'm just shocked.

"My chair got stolen as of Saturday. I was literally at a loss. I couldn't sleep Saturday night," said Cash. "I was up all night, and I'm going 'OK, what do I do now?'"

Big Al's moving company offered to pick up and deliver the chair for free.

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