Witnesses: Portland 'Street kids' hit man in the head with a skateboard

PORTLAND, Ore. - A 70-year-old man ended up in the hospital after witnesses say a large group of transient "street kids" attacked him and hit him over the head with a skateboard.

The victim, Larry Allen, suffered a non-life threatening head injury. He works at the Portland Outdoor Store at Southwest 3rd and Oak Street and witnesses told police he was attacked while hosing off the sidewalk.

Allen has worked at the store for 35 years and the owner, Brad Popick, was furious over what happened to his employee. He said he has been trying to get action for years on what he said has been a growing problem outside his store's doors.

"City Hall needs to take care of this now," Popick said.

Officers did find a skateboard and seized it for evidence. They arrested one person in the group on an unrelated warrant but did not get the main suspect in the attack.

The man police are looking for is in his 20s and he has blond, shaggy hair above his shoulders. He was not wearing a shirt.

Anyone with information that can help investigators is asked to call Assault Detectives at (503) 823-0400.