Wine bar employee subdues man charged with assaulting patrons

TACOMA, Wash. -- In a story that would sound more at home in a dive bar than a wine bar, an employee at Cork in Tacoma subdued a man at gunpoint Saturday after the man reportedly started assaulting patrons.

According to charges filed in Pierce County Superior Court, four women were seated at an outside table at Cork Wine Bar when 51-year-old Robert Rashe walked up and pressed his legs against their table.

The women saw this as a violation of their personal space and told the man to leave. According to the charging documents, Rashe immediately flipped over the women's table, causing their wine glasses to fly everywhere.

Rashe then reportedly punched one of the women in the mouth, knocking a tooth loose and causing her to stumble.

According to the charging documents, another patron heard the disturbance and came outside to get Rashe away from the women only to have Rashe pull a 12-inch kitchen knife on him.

A Cork employee went to investigate the disturbance, as well, and found Rashe advancing on the patrons. He ordered Rashe to drop the knife and get on the ground.

Rashe followed the employee's commands and was held until officers arrived.

He was booked into Pierce County Jail and has been charged with assault and malicious mischief.