Wife burned husband because shooting him 'was too nice'

RENTON, Wash. -- Prosecutors have charged a woman with pouring gasoline on her sleeping husband and then setting him on fire. The woman reportedly told police she burned the man because shooting him "was too nice.

Footage from a security camera shows the victim stumble into a Skyway convenience store screaming "I'm on fire!" Customers looked on as Vincent Phillips dropped to his knees, clearly in agony and begging, "Help me!"

Renton police said Phillips had been doused in gasoline while he slept in bed by his wife, Tatanysha Hedman. Investigators said Hedman then set her husband on fire. Neighbors were in disbelief.

"They are always together, so I would never think that something like that would happen," Katrina Plummer, who lives two units down.

A friend staying in the apartment used a blanket to put out the flames burning Phillips' head and torso. The victim then made his way to the convenience store where he collapsed.

Investigators said Hedman used that same store to purchase the fuel earlier in the day.

While a deputy responded to the store, other officers went to the apartment looking for Hedman. Police said the unit reeked of gasoline, and there were burn marks on the couch and walls.

Although Hedman had fled the apartment, police later arrested her. In charging documents, detectives said Hedman admitted to burning Phillips because she claims he hurt her daughter. The documents go on to Hedman decided to "pour gasoline on him and not shoot him because that was too nice."

Renton police are investigating the suspect's claims that the husband hurt the daughter. Phillips is still hospitalized in intensive care. His wife remains in jail.

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