Ravenna homeowners have message for 'feminists' who defaced their pinup mural


SEATTLE. -- "Some Feminists" defaced a local mural of pinup icon Bettie Page and now the owners of that mural have a message for the people who did the damage.

If you commute along I-5, there's no missing the Queen of Pinups strategically painted on the side of this house in the Ravenna neighborhood. Jessica Baxter and her husband own the Bettie Page House. The mural was a 30th birthday gift from a friend to her husband. It's been a bit of a Seattle fixture for 10 years, and now, a decade later, someone has a problem with it.

"They were so wrong. I feel passionately they were so wrong, not only in what they did, but the meaning behind it," said Baxter.

Vandals splashed buckets of gray paint all over Page's stockings and as far up as they could reach. They also scribbled a message on the siding that reads, "Stop exploiting women's bodies," and it was signed by "some feminists."

Baxter explained if the group wanted to discuss changes to the mural, they would be open to that, but says this response was not the right way to go about creating change.

"It made me feel very sad and disheartened, because I consider myself a feminist," said Baxter.

Baxter and her husband have tried scraping the paint off, but so far nothing works. So for now, Baxter did the only thing she could and covered the vandals words with her own by writing "Autonomous sexuality is empowerment, telling a woman to cover up is oppression."

She thinks the only fix will be to strip the siding of the house, but she insists that the Queen of Pinups will reign again.

"Don't deface people's houses, that's super lame. If you don't agree, that's fine, take it to the internet like a normal person. Don't deface someone's house. People live here."

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