White Center phone shop worker accused of groping teen

WHITE CENTER, Wash. -- A simple fix for a cell phone became a night of terror for a White Center girl on Wednesday.

Her mother, Faithe Blocker, held Christina tight Friday evening.

"I never thought that something like this would happen to my child," Blocker said.

On Wednesday, Christina went to a phone store around the corner from her home to get her SIM card fixed, but the man working behind the counter is accused of offering something much different.

"He asked me what I did for fun. He asked me if I want to go to a party with him. Asked me what I was doing," Christina said

Christina said the man tried to shoo others out of the store, but kept her there.

"He helped them, and then went back to helping me and came up with all these different excuses pretty much," she said.

Then, according to police, 25 year old Edgar Rodriguez began touching Christina's stomach and back. They say he then locked the front door, put her in the dark back bathroom and touched her body underneath her clothes. He also tried to kiss her, according to police.

Eventually she fought him off and ran home -- to a mother who says she blames herself.

"She still feels scared. She's terrified. She shakes," Blocker said

They wanted to share what they said happened inside that store to help others speak out. Christina wants others to fight back.

"I just don't want them to feel scared to tell anyone," Christina said. "And I just don't want them to go through what I had to go through because it hurts it doesn't go away."

Police arrested Rodriguez and he was booked into jail on suspicion of kidnapping and attempted rape, though officials from the King County sheriff's office said those will likely be changed to taking indecent liberties.