White Center break-in linked to earlier kidnapping attempt

SEATTLE -- Detectives believe a Sunday night burglary attempt in White Center could be related to a recent kidnapping attempt that happened on the same street.

It was just after 10 p.m. Sunday night when a man tried to climb through the window of a child's room in the 10400 block of Third Avenue SW, according to Sgt. Cindi West of the King County sheriff's office.

The 1-year-old child's mother, Priscilla Pilego, had briefly left the room, and when she came back she saw someone pushing on the window screen. She screamed and the would-be burglar ran away, West said.

"When I turned around to grab my son, all I saw was this big, huge pale hand going through my window," Pilego said.

A relative who was at the house jumped out of the window and chased after the man, but he lost him near SW 106th and Second Avenue SW.

Police arrived on scene moments later and saw a red Mazda pickup truck speeding away from the neighborhood. When deputies tried to pull over the truck, a woman jumped out of the passenger seat and the truck sped away.

The driver then crashed the truck and ran away before deputies could arrest him. Deputies described the man as being "tall and skinny" and wearing clothing that matched those of the burglar, West said.

Deputies later learned the truck had been stolen in Seattle on May 31.

The burglary comes just weeks after an attempted kidnapping that happened in the same block. In that case, a determined mother fought off a masked kidnapper who tried to snatch her 3-year-old son as he played in their yard.

On June 2, Melissa Hines was outside with her 3-year-old son playing nearby when she said a masked man snatched the boy and took off running.

Hines gave chase and the kidnapper tripped and fell, dropping the child. A fight ensued between the mom and the attacker. Hines said she eventually laid on the ground on top of her son to protect him from the man.

The kidnapper kicked and punched Hines in the head and body before running away.

In both the burglary and kidnapping attempts, the suspect is described being tall and skinny, and detectives believe the same man committed both crimes.

If you have information about this crime you are asked to call the King County Sheriff's Office at 206-296-3311.