'We're there to tell them that we care'

SEATTLE -- Whether or not the United States decides to use military force in Syria, millions of people in the region are in desperate situations. But now a Seattle woman is trying her best to do something about it.

Rita Zawaideh is a humanitarian on her way to Syria -- a trip she's made seven times since January because she said there is a need.

"It is tremendous -- it is more than you can imagine," she said. "This has to be done. I have to go back."

More than 2 million Syrians are now registered as refugees, a total that has gone up by a million in the last six months. Two million others are displaced.

An estimated 3,000 Syrian refugees enter Lebanon every single day.

Rita, who is Jordanian but lives in Fremont, works with the organization Salaam Cultural Museum, Medical Missions.

"We have about 1,500 pounds of medicine donated by direct relief and other medical associations here in town and out of (Los Angeles) and other places," she said.

She also carries school supplies with her for the kids in camps.

"There's kids that haven't gone to school for three years," she said. "So we are taking in as much educational supplies as we can. The kids want to be educated. The first thing we ask kids is, 'What do you need?' and they say, 'We want to go to school. We want to learn.' "

So Rita Zawaideh is heading straight to one of the most troubled places in the world, trying to make a difference.

"We're there to tell them that we care," she said.

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