Water main break sends water rushing into Kirkland homes

KIRKLAND, Wash. -- A water main break sent a flood of water into several homes late Thursday night.

"It was quite a shock, I have to admit," said resident Judith Bishop.

A good foot or more of water rushed into the lower level of Bishop's house.

"It was seeping in under the carpet, so actually you couldn't see it. But as you walked, you could feel it," she said.

Now her memorabilia, furniture and wine collection are all stacked up in her garage. Large commercial fans and dehumidifiers run non-stop. Twice already, these industrial machines have tripped the breaker.

The entire mess came from a water main break about 100 yards away.
The underground pipe burst around 9:30 p.m. Thursday. The water from that break rushed down hill, then took a turn right down Bishop's driveway and into the house.

"The water came rushing down here like a river, actually," she said.

The Perez family came home from Christmas shopping to water rushing down to their house, too.

"I think I panicked the kids a little bit. I was kind of like, 'Ahhh!"" said Katie Perez. "It was hard even getting the kids into the house, because there was so much water flooding the front entry way."

Perez quickly got out her hose and started a siphon.

"She was the hero," said Bishop. "If there was a hero on this thing, it was her."

The city of Kirkland said it does have insurance; however, the city said each homeowner with damage should file a claim.