Washington State Patrol honors 8 fallen members

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Eight Washington State troopers, deputies, and officers killed on the job were honored during a ceremony on Friday.

Governor Jay Inslee and Chief John Batiste thanked officers and their families for service, and for making the ultimate sacrifice for public safety.

"We stand here today in remembrance of our fallen" Chief Batiste said. "Their sacrifice cannot and will not be forgotten. Every new trooper cadet class learns the story of these 28 as a reminder of the dedication they must possess in order to be a member of our proud organization."

Trooper Sean O'Connell is Washington State Patrol's most recent loss. Trooper O'Connell was killed in a collision with a van while working the Skagit River Bridge detour route after the bridge collapsed last May.

A bell was rang after each name was called, and a 21-gun salute also honored the fallen officers. Taps was played to conclude the ceremony.

"We live daily with the knowledge we may not come home at the end of our shift," Chief Batiste said. "But it's a risk each Washington State Trooper honorably accepts in order to serve the citizens of this great state. I ask each of you to take a moment today and remember these brave individuals and their families."

Twenty-eight members of the Washington State Patrol have died on duty since its creation in 1921.

A summary of officers who have lost their lives can be found on the Washington State Patrol website.