Wash. state dog wins 2nd place at nation's premier dog show

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A Yakima dog made her owners proud this past weekend. The six-year-old rat terrier placed second at the Westminster dog show in New York City.

She's fast and she's focused. This obstacle course is no stranger to Izzie. It's what she loves to do. And her hard work has paid off.

"We pretty much trial just about every weekend," said dog owner Gayle Capen. "Actually, you're pretty lucky to find me at home."

Izzie placed second at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show's agility competition. She completed her obstacle course just shy of 42 seconds in the final round.

"It was a tricky little course," said Gayle. "There were parts of it that were tricky and there were areas that people had failed before me, but I just made sure I gave her the information she needed and that she was paying attention to me."

Gayle said she's been training Izzie for about five years. She gets trained once a week for an hour and a half and twice a week during summer.

"We learn a lot of new moves that are coming out," said Gayle. Moves that will make our dogs faster."

Izzie and her daughter Abbie both competed in New York City. However, Abbie did not land a spot in the final round.

"I was nervous for them," said Gayle. "I wasn't sure how they were going to react. It's a different surface they've never been on. People were four deep standing around staring at them."

Izzie competed against more than 40 dogs that were in her class size.

"The number of people that were going to be there, how the dogs would react, all those things came into play," said Gayle. "But the excitement of hearing we had been chosen was over and above anything."

This was the first year the agility competition was a part of the Westminster dog show.