Warrant issued for mom in Bremerton school shooting

BREMERTON, Wash. -- Authorities have issued an arrest warrant for the mother of a 9-year-old boy who is accused of bringing a gun that accidentally fired in his elementary school classroom, wounding a classmate.

Bremerton Police Lt. Peter Fisher says the arrest warrants were issued Monday by the Kitsap County District Court for Jamie Lee Passmore and her boyfriend, Douglas L. Bauer.

Fisher says Passmore and Bauer both failed to secure guns they weren't supposed to own. He says investigators visited Passmore's residence and saw a loaded, unsecured pistol the same day her son brought a gun to school.

They also found a loaded 12 gauge shotgun leaning against the wall next to a night stand at the home. Passmore reportedly also drove a vehicle with a handgun in the glove box. As a convicted felon, she is not legally allowed to own a gun.

Passmore has been charged with two second-degree counts of unlawful possession of a firearm. Bauer has been charged with one second-degree count of unlawful possession of a firearm.

Fisher said Passmore and Bauer are currently out of state and aren't expected to return until mid to late March. They will be arrested when they return.

Eight-year-old Amina Bowman is in serious conditions after five surgeries.

Attorney Jeff Campiche is representing the Bowman family.

"These aren't just guns," he said of Passmore and Bauer's arsenal. "The shotgun maybe for hunting, but the automatic handguns are not. There is only one purpose for those and that's shooting people whether you use it for protection or offense."

Campiche also wants the boy's living situation investigated. He said the boy's grandmother became his legal guardian, bought a home in Bremerton and allowed his unfit father to move in.

That arrangement continued even after the grandmother died and the boy's uncle became his legal guardian.

The boy was also allegedly allowed unsupervised visits to Passmore's home, even though she too was declared unfit.

"Who allowed the child to go there unsupervised, a 9-year old child? Campiche said. "They certainly could have done a brief examination and seen what the police saw, the number of those firearms."

The boy has been charged with unlawful possession of a gun, bringing a dangerous weapon to school and third-degree assault. Kitsap County's top prosecutor says his office will seek probation and treatment for the boy - but not confinement - in connection with the incident.