Waitress given mystery photos, trying to find rightful owners

VANCOUVER, Wash. - A waitress has been entrusted with the task of finding the owners of some old photographs.

Mia Johnson, who works at Shari's Restaurant, says a homeless man came into her restaurant a year ago and handed her a pile of pictures.

"He handed me these photos (some of them at left) and asked me to help find the rightful owner," said Johnson.

Johnson says the man vanished without any explanation on how he got in possession of the photos, but she felt compelled to find the rightful owner.

"I would die to have pictures like that of my family dating that far back. These must be something really special," said Johnson who was an adopted child. "I was adopted and I only have four or five photos with my biological parents and I know how important those are. So, this would be important for someone to have these."

The pictures include a shot of two little girls, a little boy and a portrait of a man. They were accompanied with a ledger where people signed their names and wrote notes.

"Thanks for the good coffee cake. It was so fun to see you, Terry Billings," read one note dated Aug. 19, 1966.

Another reads:

"Dear Edith, I enjoyed my visit with you, even if you did try to take my pants and comb. Tsk, tsk, Naughty Naughty. Good luck to you in the future and many many thanks for a good time. Bye Now Lovely Tomy" -- Dated Oct. 9, 1951.

Johnson has tried contacting people in Portland with similar names via Facebook, but says no one has gotten back to her within her year of searching.