Wait until the 'sweet' period to buy toys, experts say

Do you still have toys to get for the kids? The Problem Solvers say those toys should stay on your list and out of your cart for at least another week.

Nancy Chavez braved Black Friday crowds at the Fred Meyer store in Beaverton to shop for her four kids.

"Basically, I got everything they wanted," said Chavez. That included a coveted Barbie car.

But could she have saved more by waiting just a week? Experts say yes.

According to the folks at Deal News who track this sort of thing, the week of Dec. 8 will be the best time to buy toys for Christmas. And history proves that out.

Last year, the Lego Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle set was featured on the Toys "R" Us 'Fabulous 15' list. On Black Friday, it went on sale for $99.99 with free shipping, a 33 percent savings from its list price. But then, during the sweet period in December, the price dropped again to $73 for a total savings of 51 percent.

While most toys follow this trend, there are some exceptions.

Last year, Toys "R" Us' LeapPad 2 Explorer was priced at $100. In September, it fell to $80, but jumped up to $90 in November and the price rose again in December. So pricing on the new LeapPad Ultra may be a little unpredictable.

And when it comes to this holiday season's must-have video gaming systems, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One don't expect any sales. In fact, if you find one of the systems, consider that to be your deal, as Jim Kenney, another Fred Meyer shopper, can attest.

"The only thing we're waiting to buy is the Xbox One," says Kenney. "We haven't been able to find one yet."

If you don't have to have the next generation gaming system, consider an older console. This is the best time of year to buy used systems and games on Craigslist for a fraction of the original prices.

Also put an online price alert on your must-have toys. That way, you'll know exactly when the price drops.