WA Patrol: small gesture can spark road rage

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) - The Washington State Patrol says an aggressive driving incident that escalated to road rage shows the danger of responding to other drivers with even a small gesture of frustration.

Trooper Julie Judson said Wednesday that detectives are investigating twin brothers from Shelton and their Tacoma father for possible felony assault charges after the driver of a Honda Accord was punched in the face and had his car bashed with a club last Sunday.

Judson says the Honda driver responded with a "what are you doing?" gesture when a Chevrolet Blazer merged onto State Highway 167 near Algona, cut across all lanes and suddenly slowed. The trooper says the brothers in the Blazer then pursued the Honda.

She says another Blazer driven by the young men's father helped force the Honda onto the shoulder. Witnesses say one young man climbed onto the Honda's hood, hitting it with a club, while the other repeatedly hit the car driver in the face. The Honda driver finally managed to drive away.

Troopers took the trio into custody although the father was later released.