W. Wash. woman jailed for hiding pit bull that attacked boy

KELSO, Wash. (AP) - A Longview woman is jailed in contempt of court for hiding her dog, which attacked a 5-year-old boy.

Cowlitz County Superior Court Judge Marilyn Haan sent 40-year-old Kimberly Vasquez to jail Tuesday until she agrees to turn her dog, Lexi, over to authorities.

The 3-year-old female pit bull dog tore a chunk of flesh out of the boy's calf in August 2012. He needed more than 40 stitches and a skin graft.

Authorities say Vasquez sabotaged the case by falsifying proof that Lexi was up to date on her rabies vaccinations and then handing over another dog to the Humane Society.

The Daily News reports Vasquez pleaded guilty to forgery and a dangerous dog attack and was sentenced last month to 90 days in jail.