Violence breaks out between paddleboarding competitors

SEATTLE -- Weeks of harassment came to a violent head during a stand-up paddleboarding competition last Wednesday as one man attacked his fellow competitor, leaving him bruised and battered, according to the Seattle Police Department.

Officers met with the victim at a West Seattle Starbucks last Friday after he spoke with his friends and family and decided to report the attack.

According to the police report for the incident, the victim told officers he and the suspect work out at the same gym in Burien. He said the suspect has been harassing him and his ex-girlfriend for the past month.

The victim sent the suspect an email asking him to stop with the harassment on the morning of July 31, but that email only seemed to "amp" the suspect up, according to the report. The victim said the suspect continued to call him names and attempt to provoke him.

That night, both men participated in a stand-up paddleboarding race. During the event, the suspect knocked the victim off his board four times, according to the report.

The victim told officers every time the suspect knocked him off his board, he would hit and poke him with his paddle, as well as threaten to ruin and kill him. The victim said he took these threats seriously and not just as competitive banter.

According to the report, the victim suffered several scratches and bruises, an 8-inch scrape on his stomach and a possibly broken pinky from the incident.

Officers were unable to get in touch with the suspect at the time of the report. The victim is working with an attorney to get an anti-harassment order against him.