Video shows man breaking into Bellingham office, returning

BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- Every week, nearly 500 patients walk through the doors of Natural Way Chiropractic in Bellingham. One man who recently used the back door to the business, however, wasn't exactly a welcome guest.

"We don't treat people at midnight - or 11:30 in this case," joked Dr. Eddie Hansen. "If we don't stop him, he's going to be breaking into the next person's house."

Someone broke into Hansen's office, at 2000 N State St., and took seven computers, a digital camera, and several hundred dollars in petty cash around 11:30 pm on March 30th, police said. The break-in may be related to several other business burglaries in the area, added a spokesman for the Bellingham Police Department.

Pry marks on the clinic's back door show where the thief apparently got in, making his way through the clinic's downstairs neuropathy clinic. Several computers with research data were taken, but the computers didn't contain patient information, which is stored on servers and not local hard drives, Hansen added.

As the burglar makes his way upstairs in the dark, however, an infrared camera caught the heat of his face. Video shows him looking into the lens, cowering, and then slinking away, before returning a few minutes later with his head and face disguised.

"What he didn't realize is that there's two video cameras right there, and when he got to the top of the stairs he saw them and that's what's on the clip," Hansen said. "You can see him look up and go, 'ugh!' and then turn down and crumble because he knows he was caught."

The clinic shared the video on Facebook, which was then, in turn, shared on other pages and sites. It had more than 7,000 views as of Wednesday morning.

"Maybe he thought it wasn't recording. You never know," added office manager Julia Kleinendorst, who also updates social media for the business. "It's nice that everyone's sharing the video."

"They did have a good security system and it did capture a reasonably good photo," said Lt. Bob Vander Yacht of the Bellingham Police Department. "We are still working through some leads as to who this person might be."

Insurance covered the stolen items, Hansen said, but for a doctor used to correcting the ailments of his patients, catching the thief would be poetic justice.

"I'm going to be good at fixing him when I find him," he said, chuckling. "Would I love to go to court to testify against him? Yes. I'll clear my schedule to just go testify against him."