Video shows confrontation that got 2 officers in hot water

SEATTLE -- New video has been released that shows the confrontation that landed two local police officers in hot water. A Seattle police camera was rolling when one of its officers got into a heated discussion with a reporter.

The incident happened at the end of July, but now we can see it play out courtesy of the Stranger's Dominic Holden, the reporter at the center of it all.

Holden was taking pictures of officers questioning a man on the street when he says then-King County Sheriff's Sgt. K.C. Saulet threatened him. The reporter moved across the street and when the police activity ended he went back over to ask questions. That's when a Seattle police camera caught a confrontation between Holden and Seattle Police officer John Marion.

The video shows Marion telling Holden the incident was "none of your business" and "I'll tell you what... I'm going to come to the Stranger, I'm going to bother you at work and see how you like it. How about that? I'm going to come there on my time and bother you at work."

Holden filed complaints and the King County Sheriff demoted Sgt. Saulet to deputy, while Seattle Police is still investigating officer Marion.

"We want to make sure all the rules were adhered to," said SPD spokesman Sean Whitcomb. "There's a pretty serious allegation made against one of our officers."

Seattle police say all of its officers now go through special equity and dignity training, following the Department of Justice finding a pattern of excessive force in the department.