Victoria Clipper lends assist to sinking fishing boat

      ANACORTES, Wash. -- Passengers on board the Victoria Clipper got a little extra excitement on their ride Wednesday evening after the Clipper responded to a Coast Guard call for help rescuing a person on a sinking fishing boat near Guemes Island.

      Crew members from the Clipper managed to get the person off the 59-foot Clam Digger safely around 5 p.m. A Coast Guard cutter from Bellingham arrived a short time later and took the fisherman from the ferry.

      The Coast Guard says the boat has since run aground near the island and mostly sank with only 3 feet of the boat's bow still above the water line. The boat was carrying up to 3,000 gallons of diesel and a sheen was spotted around the vessel.

      The boat's owner has contacted a salvage company to recover the boat and help clean up the mess.

      There is no word what caused the fishing boat to sink.


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