Victim: Road raging Car2Go driver smashed my window

SEATTLE -- A Seattle man says he was the victim of road rage, and he's pointing the finger at a Car2Go driver.

The victim got the car's license plate number and filed a police report, but so far Car2Go won't give up the name of the driver.

Car2Go, which is a carsharing company that allows customers to rent cars using a phone app, has become popular throughout Seattle.

The victim said he was driving across the Ballard Bridge at about noon on Friday when a Car2Go driver cut him off and then repeatedly slammed on the brakes.

When the victim tried to pass, he said the Car2Go driver drifted into his lane, forcing him to take the Emerson Street exit. The Car2Go driver followed, and that's when the situation turned violent, according to a police report.

The victim said he drove home with the Car2Go following. When he parked, the irate Car2Go driver got out and began screaming. The victim said he rolled up his window to protect himself, but the Car2Go driver walked to the passenger side and shattered the window.

The victim reported the incident to Car2Go, but they refused to share any details about the driver due to privacy rules. A company official said they will cooperate with police, but it's been five days since the incident and the victim said he still hasn't received any answers.

Seattle police say they'll make an effort to find the driver, but because it falls to homicide and assault detectives, it is not a top priority case.