Victim in week-long shooting spree was active-duty U.S. Marine

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. -- The manhunt is expanding for the suspect believed to be involved in three recent shootings, including one which took the life of a U.S. Marine.

George Garbriel's wife was sitting next to him when he was shot in their car in Federal Way this week. She wants to make sure her husband's memory is honored and the family wants the gunman caught.

He was a young Marine. At 22 years of age, his wife says Garbriel chose to serve his country, only to be killed by a stray bullet that went through their windshield early Tuesday morning as the couple sat in their car visiting his mother at her apartment complex.

"He's serving his country. Him and his wife had no connection with these people at all," said Federal Way police Commander Stan McCall.

Police believe Gabriel and his wife were caught in crossfire.

They believe Bernard Bellerouche was in on it. He is listed as the main suspect in the shooting from one week ago a few blocks away in a different apartment complex that took the life of Demario Washington. He is also believed connected to a shooting that injured a man in Des Moines two days ago.

Bellerouche's last known residence was an apartment complex in between the two Federal Way shooting scenes. The SWAT team approached his place Tuesday night, but they didn't find him.

Now with the death of a U.S. Marine, police are expanding their manhunt to bring Bellerrouche in. Gabriel's family wants justice.

"The family of that victim is certainly suffering and our hearts go out that family and all the more reason why we need to get this guy into custody," McCall said.

Gabriel's wife is also a Marine. The two were newlyweds and she'd just returned home from Japan to be with him. They were visiting his mother to celebrate his birthday, which now is also the day he died.